Heating Oil Seattle | AAA Oil Co. | (206) 938-5710

AAA Oil Company is a locally owned and operated business. It can be hard to know who to call when it’s time to fill your oil tank for the winter.

Maybe this 5 Star Video Review will help.

Hello! Thank you for investigating our company. Since 1984 we have been saving people a great deal of money on their heating oil.

We are not a corporate merger but rather a Ma and Pa operation with full services available to whoever needs them, which includes, furnace service, automatic – fill, and tank coverage. We do not engage in the price-gouging that is common place among corporate mergers.

Our word and our handshake are more reliable than most others’ written contracts. If you would like a let’s-get-acquainted call, and/or a price quote, then give us a call at 206-938-5710 or leave your number at kschmidling@q.com. We also have the patience to answer people’s various questions about heating oil, tanks, and furnaces. AAA Oil Co. Cary Schmidling/Pa Kathy Schmidling/Ma